Sunday, May 31, 2015

To Summer 2015!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Isabella Vinsonhaler and I will be one of the curators for the 2015 term. I have recently graduated from CU Boulder with a BA degree in Anthropology and Russian Studies, and will be continuing on to do my MA in Physical Anthropology. Ever since I was a small girl museums have always fascinated me, and as a result pushed me to want to pursue it as a career path. It is why I have found myself at the lovely Baldpate Inn. Often hearing rumors about a place with keys lining the walls and covering the ceilings, I became intrigued and sought out the Baldpate. Upon finding it I instantaneously fell in love. Never before have I seen a museum where the public is so involved and ingrained in the collections. In the short time that I have worked in the museum I have met a variety of people, each with a story to tell and a key to find. With over 30,000 keys I can only imagine all of the fascinating stories and people I will have the chance to meet. This summer we have a long list of things to accomplish, one of which is giving recognition to the wonderfully expansive photo collections we have in both the sun room and the dinging room. Our goal is to have all photographs labeled with a reference number to the photo albums in the lobby, we also plan on creating an interactive tour for the photographs. Unfortunately many of the photographs do not have that much information attached to them. If anyone has any information on any of the photographs within our collection please do not hesitate to let us know!

Your Friendly Curator,