Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting Sketchy

Today, while documenting some of our keys in preparation for our upcoming Summer Enchanted Evening, Sara, our museum manager, and I were introduced to a spectacular 16 year-old from San Diego.

Grace Klein and her artwork
Grace Klein was enjoying the Key Room in a way I have never seen before; each key she found interesting provided a subject for her sketchbook. In seconds, Grace would draw an incredibly accurate sketch of our Collections.

Grace's sketch of the Vatican door key
As we spoke with Grace, she kindly offered to draw our favorite keys and leave them for Sara and I to enjoy.
Sara and the Lobster Lock and Key set from the Chinese Mandarin Palace that depicts the sea and its contents

Grace's drawings of my favorite key, the Key to Knowledge and Sara's favorite, the Lobster Lock and Key.
We welcome all aspiring artists to come and take in the intricacies of our Key Collection. You never know what inspiration you will find here!

Key Room Museum Curator