Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Memory from Afar

Upon rifling through the key room's mailbox, I stumbled across an email sent back in April. The email had a wonderful black and white photograph of two strapping young men in their military dress in front of the steps of The Baldpate Inn. Along with the photograph was a short message explaining who these people were and their connection with the Baldpate. The sender of the email was none other than the son of the gentleman on the right of the photo- Army Air Corps Staff Sgt. Walter Hagan.

Both Hagan and a friend arrived in Greeley, Colorado in the year 1942. Here to complete tech training at UNC during WWII, Both chose to visit The Baldpate Inn. It is always amazing to be able to see in to the past, throughout the war great tragedy was created and witnessed. As a result it is always awe-inspiring to see moments of joy during those times.

This photograph for me not only creates a sense of happiness, but also a carefree feeling. It is as if Hagan and his friend were completely detached from the atrocities of war and were back to the root of themselves: two young men out having fun.

P.S. We hope to be able to put this photograph among our photo documentation collection in the dining room!

Your Friendly Curator,
Isabella Vinsonhaler