Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Key to the Seven Falls

Good afternoon key lovers!

  This weekend is an eventful one here at the Baldpate Inn, as we are preparing for our first wedding of the season!  Weddings always bring a burst of excitement, and the inn is decked out in all kinds of beautiful decorations and shades of white.  In spirit of the beauty and love surrounding us here these next couple days, I have decided to focus on the key to Seven Falls in South Cheyenne Creek.

  Seven Falls, located in the South Cheyenne Canyon in Colorado Springs, CO, is a series of seven cascading waterfalls that have fascinated tourists for many years.  With the entrance to the canyon being about 4.5 miles southwest of downtown Colorado Springs, the road leading to the canyon has been called "The Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado." As one enters the Seven Falls, they are greeted by the Pillars of Hercules, which is a rock formation standing 900 feet above the ground of the canyon.  Right across from the Pillars is the George Washington Profile, another rock formation.

 The falls themselves total to a sum of 181 feet, with there being a total of 224 steps from the base to the peak of the falls.  In alphabetical order, the falls are named Bridal Veil, Feather, Hill, Hull, Ramona, Shorty, and Weimer.  The staircase to the falls was constructed and built by James Hull, who was a naturalist.  The falls suffered a massive flood in September of 2013, and was closed for a period of two years until they were reopened in 2015.  I strongly recommend taking a day and visiting this amazing natural wonder found right here in Colorado!

 That's all I have for you for today folks, but remember that our collection is always open to new additions, so come on down and honor us with your visit, and maybe relax and grab a bite to eat!

  Til Next Time,