Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bringing the Beach to Baldpate

If there’s one thing I think I’ll miss while spending the summer in Estes Park, it’s the ocean. There aren’t very many things as relaxing as walking barefoot along the sand and hearing the waves rhythmically crashing at the shoreline, and not many things as freeing as diving into them to cool off from the warmth of the sun. I love the sounds and smells, and the hot sun that soaks into your skin, and eating shrimp and scallops and sipping lemonade. Sometimes I just get lost thinking about it.

Sadly the ocean doesn’t quite reach to 9,000 ft, but here in the Key Room we have plenty of keys to unlock that kind of paradise, so sit back with me and let’s enjoy the beach as best we can.

Ahh, the Royal  Victoria Hotel. Once located in Nassau on the appropriately named Paradise Island, it was the luxurious gem of Bahaman tourism. This delightful getaway was built during the American Civil War, but burned down in a fire in 1971. Though this key no longer unlocks a room with a view, what stand in place of the hotel now are the Royal Victoria Gardens. There the remaining ruins of the hotel have been overgrown by a sprawling botanical garden that demonstrates the natural beauty of the tropics.


And now I'll take you to the other ocean and to the island of Maui. This key is to the Napili Kai Beach Resort on Napili Bay. Napili Bay is considered to have of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii and I would guess that it has probably been used as a screensaver a few times. This sunny resort wraps along the coast and offers ultimate relaxation with access to snorkeling, swimming, and beautiful sunsets.


Finally, here is the key to the Palmas del Mar Resort in Humacao, Puerto Rico on the eastern coast of the island. Palmas del Mar is the largest and most famous resort in Puerto Rico and has on its property over 20 tennis courts, 2 golf courses, and a riding center. The best parts, in my opinion, are its multiple beaches and gorgeous views, but who doesn’t love a good tennis match once in a while.


So I hope today’s keys have made you feel a little closer to the sun and sand. Someday soon I’ll be back in the waves, but here at the Baldpate we have our own kind of paradise. Come visit us if you get the chance and you’ll find your relaxation in the fresh mountain air and the view from the porch swing.
If you make it our way tonight at 7pm, you’ll get a special treat as we’ll be hosting the second in our Summer Enchanted Evenings series. Tonight Scott Rashid, a local bird rehabilitator and wildlife expert, will be sharing a presentation on hummingbirds and offering an up close view of one of the smallest species of birds on earth. If you’ve visited the Baldpate hummingbirds before then you certainly won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn a little more about them.
Hope you see you all soon,

Key Room Museum Curator