Friday, June 27, 2014

S St. Vrain Highway

Good to see you again Key Room readers,

I have another key to share with you on this lovely Friday afternoon, and I hope you enjoy it.

Today’s key is a piece of local history that we are proud to have as a part of our key collection. It is the key to the transit box used in the surveying of the South St. Vrain Highway in Estes Park. If you have visited Estes Park at all you have probably driven on this road once or twice. I use it every time I leave the Inn and venture into town. The highway was constructed during the 1920s and is now part of Colorado State Highway 7 which happens to be home to the Baldpate Inn and many other beautiful locations in Northern Colorado.

The picture above shows part of the survey team that worked on the highway back in the early 20th century when surveying required different tools than a computer and a satellite. It’s thanks to their hard work and the hard work of many others that Estes Park has become the town that it is today. Road service in the early 20th century brought many more tourists and visitors to the Estes Park area and many of those visitors decided to stay and contribute to community. And who could blame them? The South St. Vrain Highway allowed many people to come and fall in love with Estes Park and it continues to do the same today.

Here in the Baldpate Key Room we have a whole section devoted to Colorado state history so if you’re interested in how this great state has grown to be what it is today then come by and see for yourself. We’d love to have you,

Key Room Museum Curator