Monday, May 30, 2016

Getting Spooky- The Key to Frankenstein Castle

Good morning fellow key lovers!

   It is a gorgeous morning here at The Baldpate Inn, yet I have decided to focus on a key that many may find to be more on the dark side- the key to the Frankenstein Castle.  Most everyone has heard of Mary Shelley's classic horror novel, Frankenstein, which has also been adapted into multiple movie versions.  The Frankenstein Castle is rumored to have been the inspiration for Shelley's novel.

  Frankenstein is a German name consisting of two words, Frank being the name of a German tribe, and Stein meaning stone.  This means that Frankenstein can be translated to "Stone of the Franks."  Frankenstein Castle was built in Germany sometime before the year 1250 (a precise date has not been recorded yet), and remained in the Frankenstein tribe for about 400 years.  The Castle has served many purposes throughout history, such as a barrack for retired soldiers in the 17th century, and as an American army base after WWII.

  For a period of years, Frankenstein Castle was home to a scientist by the name of John Konrad Dippel.  Dippel was said to be a natural loner, and is known as the archetypal "mad scientist."  He helped discover the dye called Prussian Blue, and was fascinated with mysticism.  Dippel created a serum made from boiled-down animal parts that was said to reverse aging, and was extremely interested in the human soul. Dippel began to dissect both human and animal corpses in order to discover if one being can swap souls with another.  He is also rumored to be an inspiration for Mary Shelley's famous novel. 

 On a lighter note, our key collection continues to gain new additions each day! Come on down and visit our key collection, and give some homeless keys a home here at The Baldpate Inn.

   Til next time,