Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unlocking our 99th Season


As we draw closer to our opening date of May 27th, we'd like to take an opportunity to introduce a few of our curators for this coming season.

Hi there!  My name is Hunter, and I will be one of the Baldpate's curators for this coming season.  I will be a sophomore at Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University this fall.  I am an Anthropology major, and plan on hopefully working in museums when I graduate from school.  My favorite key so far in the Baldpate's Key Museum is the key to Edgar Allen Poe's dorm room at University of Virginia.  I look forward to meeting all who come through the key room this summer, and I am open to answering any questions you all may have!

Good morning!  My name is Topher and I'm also a museum curator for the upcoming season.  I'm a recent graduate from the University of Denver with a major in History, and I hope this can be the start of a long career in museums.  So far, my favorite key in the collection is the key to Mozart's wine cellar.  While a simple key by design, the use and historical significance of the owner makes it especially fascinating to me.  I hope to meet plenty of visitors in the Key Room over the next few months!

Do you have any questions about the keys?  Do you have any neat stories about the keys or the places that they unlock?  Then send us an email at!  We would be happy to answer questions or share stories on the blog this summer.