Saturday, July 29, 2017

Discovering Wake

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Welcome back to another blog from our key room!

Today I wanted to blog about a key that I talked about in my Summer Enchanted Evening on July 19th. I felt that a lot of the transportation keys in our collection were often overlooked, so I wanted to share an interesting story from one of them with you.

One of my favorite keys that I researched for my project was the key we have for the SS North Haven. Now, many people don’t know a whole lot about this little ship but it has a huge impact on American history.
Key donated by Steward Fred Scott

The SS North Haven left San Francisco on March 25, 1935, with the goal of discovering new islands that could help as bases in the forthcoming World War II. This strategy would be later called “Island Hopping” and be crucial to the victory of the Allies. The most important island that the North Haven would discover is the island of Wake. It was previously unexplored by white men and the natives had not yet come into contact with Europeans. This discovery, along with some other key finds, secured the SS North Haven a spot on a list of very important ships.
The SS North Haven at port

There’s so many cool stories just like this one in our key room, so come on up and check it out for yourself! 

Written by:
Victoria Witkowski, Museum Curator 


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