Sunday, July 9, 2017

Keys to a Happy Marriage

Hey everyone!

I have a really cool story to share with you today!

The keys donated on the happy couple's wedding date 1990

Colorado natives Elizabeth and Whitney Childs-Goodrich have a wonderful and memory filled history with the Baldpate Inn.  They made one of their first big memories with us in 1990 when they got married in our beloved key room, commemorating their special day with two keys to hang in the Colorado section of our rafters. The keys pictured above are the two donated on the day of their wedding and have been hanging ever since.

Photos from Elizabeth and Whitney's
 wedding in 1990 

Another huge milestone celebrated at the Inn was when Elizabeth found out she was expecting their second child while staying with us. Earlier this week, the whole family returned this past Fourth of July and shared their story with the staff and told us that on a past visit they had been unable to locate their wedding keys. Thanks to our database and some help from our intern Jessica, we were able to find the wedding keys and the whole family posed with them outside the Inn to give a happy ending to the Fourth of July.

The Childs-Goodrich family poses with their
wedding key on the Fourth of July, 2017

There’s so many wonderful stories here in the key room just like this one, so why don’t you come find one for yourself, or even start a story of your own! 

Written by: 
Victoria Witkowski, Museum Curator