Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Seven Keys Production

Welcome back!

Today’s key has a special connection to the Baldpate Inn. This key was used in the production of “Seven Keys to Baldpate” in the 1929 and donated to the Key Room in 1930 by Richard Dix. Dix was the actor who played William Magee in the movie and decided to donate the key after he discovered there actually was a Baldpate Inn. This movie version of the novel was produced by RKO Studios and was the first film of “Seven Keys to Baldpate” with sound. Prior to this film, all productions were either silent or plays.

Speaking of plays, this past weekend marked the last showing of Encore Encore’s take on the “Seven Keys to Baldpate.” The play was not only funny and exciting, it also exhibited the history of the Baldpate by reliving the novel that gave us our name. If you missed the play, you can still catch one of the many movies or plays that have been made throughout the years. Even better, stop in and purchase your own copy of the novel “Seven Keys to Baldpate” so that you can fully appreciate the history of the inn.

Written by:
Brett Meyer
Museum Curator, Baldpate Inn