Sunday, June 12, 2016

Greetings from Zoe!

It's my second day here at the Baldpate and I could not be more in awe of Colorado. Originally from Hanover, Pennsylvania, I moved to Chicago, Illinois to attend DePaul University with a major in Public Relations and Advertising and minor in Theatre Studies. With just one summer left before graduation I decided I would venture out to Colorado for something new.

I love to travel. My sophomore year I studied abroad in Athens, Greece for four months and traveled all over the country and islands in addition to Turkey, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Most recently, I did a road trip from Chicago to New Orleans with 11 other friends for a weekend also stopping in Memphis.

While here in the museum, I plan on leaving my own key to join the collection - "The Key to Friendship," otherwise known as the key to my shared apartment "The GalPalace" where I spent the last year with 4 of my closest girl friends.