Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Original Plaza in New York City

Plaza Hotel, 1894

Good morning readers!

   It is a warm and sunny day here at the Baldpate Inn, and I recently got back from a week trip in the Big Apple- the fabulous New York City!  In the spirit of my recent adventure, I have decided to focus on the key to the original Plaza Hotel.  If any of you have seen the popular movie Eloise at the Plaza, or have been to NYC, you have most likely heard of The Plaza Hotel.  Known as one of the world's most extravagant stays, this beautiful building stands on the corner of the infamous 5th Avenue, but the Plaza we know of today was not the original Plaza Hotel.

  The original Plaza  stood from the years 1890 to 1905, and at the time was considered one of the city's most elegant hotels. The original Plaza was built on the site of the former New York Skating Club. The builders actually ran out of funds while building, and at the same time New York Life Insurance Company foreclosed. Therefore, the architects Mckim, Mead, and White were hired to complete the design and redecorate the interior.  When the Plaza was bought by the US Realty and Construction Company in the year 1902, the new owners had goals including huge expansion.  However, the original Plaza only stood at eight stories high, so the building was destroyed and replaced with the nineteen-story masterpiece that exists today, which opened in 1907. The key to the original Plaza was donated to the Baldpate by J.B Herndon Jr., Vice President and Treasurer.

  If you ever have the chance to visit the Plaza Hotel that stands today take the opportunity.  It is a beautiful building with elegant architecture, (I also highly recommend the Lobster rolls found in the Plaza Food Court at Luke's Lobster!).

Signing off for the day,