Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts from the Baldpate

Happy Monday from the Baldpate!

From what the tag reads, the year was 1929. (The same year as the stock market crash that spiraled into the Great Depression.) This poem was etched on the back of a Baldpate postcard by Psyche A. Brink who visited with her husband James A. Brink in mid July. The photo of the Inn on the postcard looks virtually unchanged. 

Can you forgive this poor little key, for coming to you sans pedigree? 
Tho it cannot boast of "Royal" rust - It's been a key that I could trust. 
It has not guarded from bandits bold, That wonderful "soup" that Spaniards sold. 
Nor has it locked from curious eye - any Madurese womans valuable buy. 
Yet - small as it is, it wants to be, side by side with your mightiest key. 
And I hope that often in the days of "Mace." I may see my key in this honored place. 
God was good when he made our state And the thought that created, "Inn Baldpate"

In the poem, Mrs. Brink references the Inn's original owners, The Maces. The Inn remained in their family until the Smiths (current owners) purchased the Inn in 1986.

Your Curator,