Sunday, June 4, 2017

Generations of Sisters.

 Hello there! Today’s blog post will feature a key, or rather a group of keys, that caught my eye the moment I stepped into the key room. Before I go into why this group of keys hit close to home, I should add that just one week prior to getting on a plane to travel to Colorado for the first time, a few of the chapters in my life were closing, including being a collegiate member of Delta Delta Delta.


With little knowledge of what I was walking into, I headed to the key room where I would spend all summer. On one wall was a “Key of Tri Delta” sign. Tri Delta was founded on Thanksgiving Eve in 1888 at Boston University and after more than 125 years, there are 145 collegiate chapters and 210,000 alumnae members, including myself. In the key room the many tags highlight how women of Tri Delta have been connected by The Baldpate Inn. On the sign, there are numerous tags from women who have visited the Baldpate, the earliest tag dating back to 1935. I’m going to assume that it must be fate that that same 1935 tag was donated by Olinda W. Hyland, a woman who was a member of the same Tri Delta chapter I was, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Stop in the Key Room and I guarantee you will find a connection to a key like I did.

Cheers to 100 years!

Museum Curator, The Baldpate Inn