Monday, June 19, 2017

Presenting to you...Four Generations.

Hello Everyone! Today's blog will feature the story of a heartfelt visit from the Stolz family of Chesapeake, Virginia. Dr. Steven and his wife Robin, along with their son, Michael, traveled to Estes Park to pay a visit to The Baldpate Inn like they have many time before, but this visit was different. The Stolz family arrived in search of a key that Steven's grandfather, Francis Miller, and his wife Lucille, had left during their honeymoon at The Baldpate Inn in 1936.

In recent years, museum curators and the American History Savers have cataloged and added every key into a database, making it easy to search for one particular key out of our collection of 30,000. After years of returning and hoping to become acquainted with their family treasure, the Miller key was found and reunited with the Stolz family.

Once the key was found pictures were taken and the Stolz family shared how the key represented four generations, but one piece of the story was missing. Despite the key being in our collection for a very long time, an exact date was missing. In a matter of minutes, Dr. Steven Stolz phoned his mother and asked when the Miller's took their honeymoon and just like that, another Baldpate key had been reconnected with its own history. It's always a heartwarming experience to witness the reality and the magic of what brands The Baldpate Inn as one of a kind. What makes the key room at the Baldpate particularly special is that its history is being preserved by individuals like the Stolz family, who will always share a peice of their families' history with The Baldpate Inn. 

Thank you Dr. Steven, Robin, and Micheal Stolz for sharing your story with us!

Until next time,

Jessica Carter, Museum Curator
The Baldpate Inn