Thursday, June 29, 2017

From Indiana to Colorado; One of the Many Keys at Baldpate

Good afternoon everyone!

The key donated by the 21 graduating senior of Arsenal Techincal High School in Indiana

Today’s key comes to us all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana. This key was brought to us in 1936 by the graduating senior class of the same year at Arsenal Technical High School. These seniors passed this key along to the Baldpate Inn because it was used in their own production of Seven Keys to Baldpate, which they put on in their auditorium on November 22, 1935.

The novel that we’re named after and that the play is modeled around was written in 1913, with the play being written soon after that. Earl Derr Biggers actually came to stay with us here at the Baldpate and while he was wondering about our lodge, he told the Mace family that it was exactly how he imagined the lodge in his book! Thus we were given our wonderful name. 

Our own Millennium edition of the infamous novel 

Here at the Baldpate Inn, we’ve put on many productions of the beloved George M. Cohen play adaption of the novel, and in honor our 100th birthday, we’re putting it on once again. The play starts this Friday and will run for the next three weekends, so be sure to come on down to the Baldpate and check it out!  Give our front desk a call or check out our website for show times and ticket prices at 970.586.5397 or 

Written by: 
Victoria and Jessica, Museum Curators