Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Polish Titanic

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Today I wanted to switch things up a little bit by blogging about a ship key from our collection. We actually have quite a collection of ship keys here and I wanted to shine some light on a particularly interesting one.

Key donated by Mrs. Sophia Zaleski Hinkle

This key comes to us from cabin number one on Poland’s first trans-Atlantic steamer, The M.S. Pilsudski, after its maiden voyage in September 1935.  Often called the Polish Titanic, this passenger ship met an unfortunate fate of sinking too, however in a different means than the English Titanic. While it didn’t sink on its maiden voyage like the Titanic, the Pilsudski was one of the most modern ships to ever fly a Polish flag so its sinking greatly impacted the Polish people.

Converted into a warship under British command during World War II, the Pilsudski was making its rounds in 1939 when it most likely hit a minefield which caused the ship to sink. However, unlike the Titanic, the Pilsudski has a much happier ending. Most of the crew and passengers on board were able to be rescued in time, only resulting in a few casualties.

There’s so many hidden stories like this one ready for you to discover in our key room so why don’t you come down and check them out soon! 

Written by:
Victoria, Museum Curator 

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