Friday, June 9, 2017

The Key to the Paper Industry

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Similar to yesterday's post by Victoria, I was interested in finding a key that reflected where I came from. Like Victoria, I am also from Wisconsin, and I wanted a key that reminded me of my past. As I was surveying the keys among the walls of the Key Room, trying to pick one out of thousands for me to write on, I stumbled across this key from Appleton, WI, which is near my hometown.

Key from Edgar K. Wattingly to the Patten Paper Company

It appears that Edgar K. Wattingly, a previous guest of the Baldpate, had connections with the paper factories that are common in this region of Wisconsin and sent this key for the Patten Paper Company. According to the attached letter, the Patten Paper Company, which currently appears to no longer be operating under that name, was one of the oldest operating paper mills in the country. Mr. Wattingly sent this key to ensure that he was remembered as a good guest rather than "as the guest that did not send a key." Another interesting point is that this key seems to have been sent soon after the Key Room opened in 1935.

Postcard of paper mills in Appleton, WI

Seeing this key reminds me of driving through the Fox River area of Wisconsin and seeing the many smoke stacks of the paper mills with the accompanying "lovely" smell. Stop by our world famous key room and one of the many keys may trigger fond memories of your past as well!

Written by:
Brett Meyer, Museum Curator

Second image: Paper Mill Postcard