Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fellowman First

Howdy key lovers!

In honor of the Baldpate’s 100th birthday and of the greatest city in the world—Dallas, Texas—today’s key is one that was donated by the fantastic emcee at our 100th birthday party, Mr. Bill Melton.  The “key” is actually a commemorative pin depicting a key that was designed for the Dallas-area chapter of Lions Clubs International.

Commemorative key pin donated by former Lions
Clubs District Governor Bill Melton.

                Lions Clubs International is an organization that consists of people who work to better their communities and the lives of others around the world through service projects and volunteer work.  Today, Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organization in the world with about 1.35 million members worldwide.

During Mr. Melton’s membership in the club, he served as the governor of the 2-X1 district of Lions Clubs International.  As district governor, he oversaw and helped facilitate the day-to-day success of 70 lions clubs in the Dallas area.  He selected the mission statement of “Fellowman First” as the district’s theme from 1980-1981.  This mission statement was inscribed on a large key that was displayed at the club’s district meetings as a reminder of the overall goal of the organization.  A commemorative pin depicting the key was created for the 2-X1 district’s Club Presidents and District Officers.  This unique pin now has a home in our magnificent key collection.

Mr. Bill Melton speaking at the 85th anniversary of
Lions Clubs District 2-X1 in 2014.

Lions District 2-X1 Ambassador of Goodwill recipients, 2009.

Lions District 2-X1 Mid-Winter Conference in 2007.

                The Baldpate is honored to have received this special key pin for our 100th birthday, and it is one that will be treasured by many for years to come.  This key symbolizes the kind of selfless service that makes our world a better place to live.  In following with the mission of Lions Clubs International, and the inscription on the bottom of the pin, I want to close today’s post with a charge to readers: “TOUCH A LIFE WITH HOPE”.

Blog written by:
Alicia Byers
Museum Curator, The Baldpate Inn