Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hometown Tribute

Hey everyone! 

While looking through our amazing key collection today, there was a small section that caught my eye. Being from Wisconsin, I was naturally drawn to the keys that hung under the state name, and the seventeen and a half hour car ride from Wisconsin to Colorado is one I won’t soon forget, so naturally, for my first blog I wanted to pay a small tribute to my home state.

Key donated by Mr. and Mrs. E. Volks of Milwaukee Wisconsin

I noticed the Blatz Brewery key in the small collection of Wisconsin keys and was instantly reminded of visiting Milwaukee all the time as a child. Blatz was one of the very first breweries established in Milwaukee, which is one of the reasons why Milwaukee has been given the nickname Brew City. Blatz is now under the ownership of the Pabst Company, but the historic Blatz building is still there and is now an architecturally beautiful apartment complex that I grew up seeing.

The instant connection to my hometown I was able to find in our key room reminded me of home when I’m over a thousand miles away. Why don’t you stop on by our key room and see if you can find a connection with one of our 30,000 keys, I’m sure there’s one calling your name!

Written by:

Victoria, Museum Curator 

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